Al Arabia launches e-Procurement Portal

In a groundbreaking development, we are thrilled to unveil the launch of an innovative E-Procurement portal, the result of a collaborative effort between the Procurement department and the dynamic JAM IT team. This digital platform is poised to usher in a new era by reshaping and modernizing our procurement, warehouse, and accounts payable procedures, with a resolute focus on reducing paperwork and streamlining the overall process.

This cutting-edge portal empowers the company to conduct all procurement activities in a fully digital landscape. From soliciting Request for Proposals (RFPs) to swiftly gathering quotes, issuing purchase orders, monitoring deliveries, and effectively managing invoices, this digital domain offers a comprehensive solution. Real-time collaboration is at the forefront of this technological leap, fostering seamless interaction between vendors, procurement specialists, accounts payable, and various departments, ensuring a harmonious and efficient workflow.

The introduction of this e-procurement portal signifies a significant leap forward in our procurement operations. The benefits are manifold, as it promises to streamline and automate many manual tasks, thereby boosting productivity, reducing costs, and ultimately enhancing the overall efficiency of our procurement process. Notably, it also extends its advantages to our valued suppliers and subcontractors, granting them access to the portal for submitting quotes, tracking purchase orders, deliveries, and payments.

This monumental achievement would not have been possible without the diligent efforts of our esteemed Procurement department and the IT department, whose unwavering commitment and dedication have made this transformative system a reality. As we embark on this exciting digital journey, the prospects for improved efficiency, collaboration, and cost-effectiveness stand as a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence.

Onam Celebrations at Al Arabia TSC

In a spirited and joyous gathering, Al Arabia TSCD recently observed the Festival of Onam with unwavering enthusiasm. The event was a visual feast, adorned with intricate floral decorations that added an air of festivity, symbolizing the team’s dedication to breathing life into the traditional essence of Onam.

The pièce de résistance of this celebration was an extravagant Onam lunch that left attendees savoring the rich culinary heritage of Onam. This sumptuous feast showcased an array of diverse and delectable dishes that stand as integral elements of the festival’s culinary tradition. Beyond its gastronomic delights, the meal was a testament to the team’s resolute commitment to inclusiveness, bridging cultural divides within the division.

The Onam celebration at Al Arabia TSCD transcended mere revelry; it was an integral part of the team’s ongoing efforts to foster unity and inclusiveness. With a steadfast aim to cultivate respect and understanding for the tapestry of diverse cultures within the organization, the Onam festivities emerged as a shining example of their commitment. The event received an overwhelmingly positive response from all participants, nurturing robust bonds among the employees and contributing to a harmonious work environment.

Philosophy House Project Update

Al Arabia For Technical Supplies & Contracts along with its dealer M/s Experts Co LLC for AC Systems successfully completed this prestigious project in Fujairah with Trane TVR units

Project: Philosophy House
Client: RAIBAL
Location: Al Sheria, Plot A-3A-Fujairah
Consultant: EDMAC Engineering Consultant
Main Contractor: Arabian Construction House LLC
Total Capacity: 500 Tons

Residential Excellence Award for MEA region from Trane

Al Arabia For Technical Supplies & Contracts has been conferred with Residential Excellence Business Award by TRANE for MEA region. The award was conferred at the annual MEA distributors conference held at Bari Italy.

This wouldn’t have been possible without the unwavering support and guidance from the top management and the stellar efforts of every member of the incredible team who have played a crucial role in this outstanding achievement.

This award is a testament to the company’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and relentless pursuit of success. The strategic vision, passion, and dedication have been instrumental in shaping the organisation into the thriving powerhouse it is today.
Together with TRANE, Al Arabia For Technical Supplies & Contracts look forward to even greater successes in the future.

HVAC Expertise with Intensive Technical Training in UAE

Trane Middle East & Africa along with Al Arabia (Juma Al Majid Holding Group) Authorised Distributor of TRANE in UAE conducted an intensive technical training for the sales and application engineers. New products from #thailand & #usa were covered in depth. Our trained engineers can now assist with all your HVAC queries.

Celebrating TRANE Annual Award Ceremony

In a glamorous setting against the backdrop of Dubai Marina, the TRANE Annual Award ceremony unfolded aboard a luxurious yacht. This exclusive event shone a spotlight on the exceptional contributions of Al Arabia employees, recognizing their unwavering dedication and outstanding performances.

With an atmosphere brimming with exuberance and elation, the ceremony played host to a gala celebration, honouring those individuals who had gone the extra mile in their respective roles. The awards bestowed were a testament to the company’s profound appreciation for its diligent and devoted staff members.

In a resounding chorus of applause, we extend hearty congratulations to all the winners, whose relentless efforts and remarkable accomplishments have not escaped the discerning eye of Al Arabia. They can take pride in their achievements, knowing that their hard work has been duly acknowledged.

These accolades also stand as a beacon of motivation for their peers, inspiring them to emulate the same spirit of excellence and continue making positive strides in their roles at Al Arabia. This annual recognition ceremony not only applauds past accomplishments but also kindles the flame of ambition, driving the workforce to new heights.

Al Arabia TSCD Profile Launch

Al Arabia TSCD proudly introduces its meticulously crafted company profile. Under the dedicated leadership of Hala Basel, the company’s team has invested substantial effort in composing a holistic portrait of the organization, encompassing its core mission, values, and an in-depth exploration of its extensive services.

This illuminating profile emerges as an invaluable resource, offering an extensive window into the world of Al Arabia TSCD, its multifaceted operations, and its unwavering commitment to its mission. Designed to cater to the curiosity of customers, partners, and the inquisitive public, this document promises to provide crucial insights into the essence of the company, shedding light on how it can effectively collaborate and assist in a multitude of endeavours.

In recognition of the resolute commitment and unswerving dedication exhibited by Hala Basel and her team, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for their meticulous preparation of this profile. As we embark on the journey forward, this comprehensive document stands as a testament to the continued success of Al Arabia TSCD, as it diligently works in unison with its customers and partners to meet their ever-evolving needs and aspirations.

Al Arabia TSC initiative for World Ozone Day

On the 16th of September, 2022, a significant partnership emerged as Trane MEA and Juma Al Majid united in commemoration of World Ozone Day, marking a pivotal step in bolstering awareness about the depletion of the Ozone Layer. The two organizations orchestrated a tree-planting initiative, a tangible expression of their commitment to environmental conservation.

This event assumed profound importance, providing a platform for Trane MEA and Juma Al Majid to impart knowledge to their employees regarding the vital role played by the Ozone Layer and the imperative nature of ongoing conservation endeavours. The Ozone Layer serves as a critical component within Earth’s atmosphere, shielding all life on our planet from the harmful ultraviolet rays emanating from the sun. Alas, the Ozone Layer finds itself imperilled, largely due to human activities, particularly the emission of ozone-depleting substances into the atmosphere.

The act of planting trees during this initiative transcended mere symbolism; it embodied a beacon of hope and a proactive stride toward Ozone Layer restoration. In this green gesture, Trane MEA and Juma Al Majid underlined their unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability and underscored the gravity of preserving Earth for generations yet to come. The trees, now firmly rooted, are poised to absorb carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, actively mitigating their adverse impact on the fragile Ozone Layer.