Celebrating TRANE Annual Award Ceremony
  • Date: January 23, 2023

In a glamorous setting against the backdrop of Dubai Marina, the TRANE Annual Award ceremony unfolded aboard a luxurious yacht. This exclusive event shone a spotlight on the exceptional contributions of Al Arabia employees, recognizing their unwavering dedication and outstanding performances.

With an atmosphere brimming with exuberance and elation, the ceremony played host to a gala celebration, honouring those individuals who had gone the extra mile in their respective roles. The awards bestowed were a testament to the company’s profound appreciation for its diligent and devoted staff members.

In a resounding chorus of applause, we extend hearty congratulations to all the winners, whose relentless efforts and remarkable accomplishments have not escaped the discerning eye of Al Arabia. They can take pride in their achievements, knowing that their hard work has been duly acknowledged.

These accolades also stand as a beacon of motivation for their peers, inspiring them to emulate the same spirit of excellence and continue making positive strides in their roles at Al Arabia. This annual recognition ceremony not only applauds past accomplishments but also kindles the flame of ambition, driving the workforce to new heights.