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ElvalHalcor is a leading industrial manufacturer of Aluminium and Copper products in Europe. HALCOR has 80 years of experience in copper processing and its copper tube plant is the biggest in the EMEA region. HALCOR is exporting to 58 countries all around the world.

TALOS® ACR tubes are produced in conformity to the Standard ASTM B280“Standard specification for seamless copper tube for air conditioning and refrigeration field service”. ACR Tubes (Economy & Standard) are available in 50FT (15.24m) coils and 19FT (5.8m) pipes. The unique properties of TALOS ACR copper tubes are high pressure strength, stable mechanical properties covering an extensive temperature range, high purity of internal surface, chemically “inert” against HFC refrigerants (e.g., R134A, R-407C, R410A, R22), excellent brazing and excellent “cold formability”.)